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We have the in-house capacity, resources and experienced staff to produce a wide range of land use planning and environmental products. Our expertise has been used by private and public sector clients and NGOs throughout Namibia. Our strategies are innovative and environmentally-sound, and are focused on helping to achieve each project's goals.


Our team works closely with clients to ensure that all aspects of the town planning and environmental process are fully incorporated into a seamless and integrated service.

Our planners work closely with the client, approval regulators, and our in-house environmental scientists to create innovative planning solutions for every project's needs. We integrate the latest computer technologies and geographic information systems (GIS) to assist clients by providing detailed analysis and feedback regarding project goals.


We also have the skills and capability to provide comprehensive and integrated environmental management services. Our understanding of environmental issues and regulations is comprehensive and proactive and are dedicated to ensure that today's stringent statutory requirements are achieved in the most cost-effective manner. The specialist environmental staff works closely with our planners to offer a full planning and approvals service.


Our newest service, advising on Green Building Design, focus on how to design and construct a building to be more environmentally friendly and thus environmentally sustainable placing less of a burden on the environment.

Building green is an opportunity to use resources efficiently and address climate change while creating healthier and more productive environments for people to live and work in.


Drought, population growth and water shortages in water-stressed areas of the world are being mitigated through water reclamation, or water reuse — when wastewater is treated and reused to become a reliable alternative water source. Urban Green, as an accredited Maskam Water Dealer, offers turnkey engineered solutions for drinking water and wastewater treatment applications including sewage treatment, grey water treatment and rainwater harvesting.


Our office, mostly in cooperation with other academics and professionals, provides training and education in various aspects of the urban environment for authorities at Regional and Local Government level. Training is tailor made and provided with specific goals in mind as per the particular demand of the client.

We have managed town planning and/or EIAs for projects ranging from some of the largest site development or redevelopment and infrastructure proposals in Namibia through to smaller individual developments and sites.

Town and Regional Planning

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Environmental Management

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Water & Wastewater Treatment

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Green Building Advising

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